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Essential Travel Gear Guide

November 14, 2018

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When travelling there is so much you need to pack, but it is sometimes hard to balance what you should take because there is a limit, not only on the size, but weight of your luggage.

There is also such a long list of travel gear out there that sometimes it is hard to decide what is the best and most essential items to take with you. 

Here is a list of the things that are essential for our travels. These are just our personal recommendations but we find that this gear is very good quality and at a reasonable price.

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Battery Pack

A friend bought us this battery pack 3 years ago, when we first moved to Thailand, and we have used it many times a week and it still works perfect.

This is a 22400mAh battery pack which is a good size because once fully charged it will charge my iPhone many times before running out of juice.

  • The higher the mAh the more times it will charge your phone
  • PLEASE NOTE: Airports have limits on how much mAh your battery back can have, but there is no problems with this one as it is under any limits.


We use our tripods on a regular basis for taking photos of ourselves, long exposure photos, time lapses and also the Joby Tripod we use has bendy legs so it enables us to mount the camera in different places and get different perspectives for our shots.

Most think that tripods are these huge things for professional cameras, but we actually only take with us 2x small tripods with both camera, GoPro & iPhone Mounts:


When travelling we both spend a lot of time listening to music, podcasts or watching the inflight movies. So having your own is essential and we generally have both over the ear (better on a noisy plane) and in ear headphones.

We currently use:

Neck Pillow & Eye Mask

When we first started travelling we never used these, but now we always carry them with us.

It can really help you rest/sleep better either on a flight, bus, or just a long wait at an airport. Here are a couple of good choices:

Water Bottle

You always need water when travelling, especially when flying as you become very dehydrated. Even with the best airlines it can be hard to get enough so it is essential to have your own water bottle.
Also it saves a lot of money as you can often fill up for free at many places, especially coffee shops at any airport.

We have used these bottles for YEARS and highly recommend them:

Toiletry Bag

There are so many varieties of bags you can use to store your toiletries.

A few years ago we purchased one of these each and even now they still seem brand new, they are very high quality, come with a handy hook to hang in hotel bathrooms. Also we love the compact size of this for travelling.

They may not be to everyones taste but we love them:

Clear Cosmetic Bag

Nanu needs something to carry her make-up in, usually this would be something with a cute design from a market in Thailand.

BUT when travelling through airports any make-up/small liquids need to be put into a clear bag. So to save time and to keep things neat and simple using this clear cosmetic bag solves the problem.

International Plug Adapter

This is always required no matter where you go. Although this one is not the cheapest, we love it for 2x good reasons:

  1. SAFETY – There are many cheaper options but many come from unapproved factories and there has been many stories of the cheap versions damaging your electronics or catching fire
  2. Multiple Ports – If you use this you can plug not just your plug, but also an additional 3x USB cables at the same time. So with this one adapter you could charge/use 4x devices.

Cable Management Bag

In this day and age we all have many electronic items, each with their own power cables. These can easily become lost or very un-organised when travelling so we store ours in a handy little cable bag.
Again this is not the cheapest option, but it is SO well designed, has separate compartments & it comes with elastic cable ties.


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