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February 16, 2019

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We all love to travel, to explore, to see the world and the beauty it has to offer…BUT…most of us cannot do it as much as we would want due to the price, but does it always have to cost an arm & a leg for us to see the world???

The simple answer is no. 

We have been living in Thailand now for around 3 years, and every 2-3 months go on short trips to various places. Along the way we have made mistakes which we have learnt from, there are many tips and ideas we’ve picked up and also, from personal research, we have found several ways to help save money, enabling us to travel more.

In this blog we have included 5 tips to help make travel cheaper:

1. Choose the Cheap Time to Travel:

In every country around the world there are peak and off-peak times to visit. Usually this is linked to weather, school holidays, holiday seasons etc.

For example where we are currently living, Thailand, December-March is the Peak season. The weather is more reliable meaning there isn’t as much rain and the sea is calmer, generally a great time to come & also there are the new year holidays meaning many people have time of work making it easier to come for their vacation.

Off-Peak is May – October, this is rainy season so the weather is very unpredictable, meaning you could come for a 2 week holiday to some of the most beautiful places in the world and it could rain every day + the sea is rougher and some of the islands even shut down.

One BIG Advantage of coming to Thailand in Off-Peak means your trip will be ALOT cheaper, so if you are willing to take the risk of not having the best weather and limiting where you can go, you could save yourself a lot of money.

Hotel & Flights Example:

We visited Koh Lanta several times, and this Hotel we stayed in CLICK HERE, went from $120 per night (Peak) to only $40 per night (Off-Peak).

Flights at Peak Season can be as much as $100-$300 Cheaper PER Person

So just from this example of Thailand you can see how much can be saved.

PLEASE REMEMBER though that travelling in Off Peak can have some negatives, more places are closed, it can be quieter, weather not as good but if you save a lot of money and spend time somewhere you love then that’ll be no problem.

2. Research What is FREE & Cheap:

In every place in the world there are soooo many things you can do for FREE.

For example in cities there are always Parks; Museums; normally a China Town; Statues etc

Before you go start doing research of all the things that won’t cost a penny.

We often use a Lonely Planet Guide because for most places they have a little section that outlines what the free attractions are.

You can also use other sources like Pinterest or Google.

Using similar resources as we just mentioned, it is also great to start looking for the best and cheapest food you can get, often street food can be a good option. Sometimes this can be a big worry, as we may think about food poisoning or having a dodgy stomach. This CAN happen, but the reality is, it can happen in the nicer restaurants JUST as much as the cheaper ones. Here in Thailand, for example, the only food sickness we have had was from more expensive places, and never from the street food.

One tool that will really help with this though is TripAdvisor, we use it often for most of our restaurant choices. Just head to Tripadvisor, select the country/place you are visiting, select restaurants then sort by Traveller Ranked. Then start reading through from the top, basing it on ones that have many balanced reviews.

Sights, Food and Drink can often be the thing that we all spend the most money on when travelling, so doing this can help save A LOT on any trip you take.

3. Accommodation:

Nowadays there are now so many options for accommodation, which means you can find some GREAT deals making your trip cheaper.

First of all when people go to book a trip, the first thing they do is look under hotels and pick the best one for the best price. But before you book anything have you thought about checking a guest house? hostel? BnB?

On websites like TripAdvisor once you have selected which place you are going to, in the filter section you can change it from Hotels and select instead ‘B&B and Inns’ or ‘Specialty Lodging’

Here you will get a whole load of different options, most of which can only be booked directly or using alternative websites, but can save you a LOT of money. Also it may help you find quite a unique place to stay instead of the typical hotels everyone stays at.

AirBnB – This is another great option, AirBnB like this have enabled us to stay in places we wouldn’t normally get a chance to and feel like a local. You can rent a whole apartment, house, caravan, room, barn, tree house… almost anything.

Due to all these extra options you can often find a place, even in expensive locations, for a price a LOT lower then normal rates. On another Blog we will try and find some of the best AirBnBs for the best prices in the best locations.

On your first booking you can also get a great discount by clicking here.

4. Travel Coupon Sites:

Over the last few years MANY websites have now been created to offer holidays at a very reasonable price.

How does this work? How are they able to offer them at such a good price? – Quite simply, these companies approach say a hotel, airline, package tour company etc and see what they have that is not fully booked or is at a time where they do not have many customers.

As these coupon sites can reach such a large audience via their websites or Apps, they offer these trips at a very discount rate helping the companies to sell out and thus fully booking these trips, which is better for the airline/hotel than having empty spaces.
The Travel Coupon Site in turn gains a commission for everything they sell.

There are other factors you need to consider, and make sure you read over the details carefully before booking as they can be far from perfect, but it can be a great way to get a good holiday at a cheap price.

After doing a very quick search these are just a couple of examples

5. Be Flexible

Being flexible can save you a lot of money.

First of all being flexible with your flights, sometimes this can be hard if we have a strict or tight schedule, but being willing to take a flight at just a different time or a day earlier/later can save lots of money especially if you are a family.

We always use SkyScanner to compare flights, one of the reasons we love using this is you can play around with the dates, and even select WHOLE months, then choose the cheapest days to fly. Once when getting a flight from London to Bangkok, by using this method and changing the flight by just a few days, it saved us over $350.

Second is being flexible with where you want to stay. Maybe you are planning a trip to London, and although staying in Notting Hill or Chelsea would be rather lovely, they are some of the most expensive areas. So being flexible and willing to stay in different areas of the city can save a lot of money.

Now this is just 5 tips that can save you money on your next trip, we really hope it can help you.

If there is any tips you would like to share that can also help, please leave a message in the comments below.


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  • February 16, 2019 by Ryan


    When we were in Thailand recently, We made use of Abnb and Agoda. I think the most we paid for a hotel in 3 months was $22 a night in Bangkok near the airport when we were flying home

    • March 14, 2019 by Josh & Nanu

      Josh & Nanu

      Wow that’s so good well done.

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