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What to do in Dubai

October 22, 2018

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In the 80s & 90s Dubai began it’s journey with the goal of becoming one of the top International Tourist destinations and in 2018 they have truly achieved that goal.

The city is truly amazing, a modern wonder with stunning buildings, infrastructure, modern transportation, top hotels, fine restaurants, the biggest mall, the highest tower, the best water fountain show, you get the drift… but there is still so much building work going on, so much so that it has been reported that nearly 25% of ALL Cranes in existence are situated in Dubai, no slowing down for this new modern city.

Due to the development that has happened this is a must visit city, and it is nothing like we have ever experienced, just having the chance to wonder around this lavish place, seeing the luxury vehicles, stunning buildings, the man made islands and “palms”, desert safaris, hot air balloon rides & the wonder of it all is something we would recommend.

We stayed in the Jumeirah Beach Residence (also known as JBR) area of Dubai, this is a nice area to stay if you want to relax, go to a beach & stay in a nice resort.

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The Dubai Mall – This is one of the biggest malls in the world, and it is defiantly worth exploring with its endless luxury shops, indoor ice rink, waterfall and even aquarium you can spend a whole day wondering around being amazed.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – Inside the Dubai Mall, is this amazing Aquarium. Although you can see a large amount from the mall, spending the money to go inside the glass walkway, then heading up stairs to discover the amazing sea life and animals is a great way to spend an afternoon.

The Dubai Fountain – The world’s largest choreographed water fountain show, and it’s FREE. It is best to see after the sun sets, and the shows are every 30min from 6pm-11pm, get there early to get front row.

Burj Khalifa – Currently the tallest building in the world (Dubai are currently building one that will be even taller) why not buy a ticket, starting at around $35, and head to the viewing floors to see the world from up on high, the views are truly incredible.


About Dubai

Currency – AED or Arab Emirate Dirham. At writing this 10 AED = $2.80

Weather – From Nov – Feb is a high of around 24°/26° rising to 36°/41° in May – Sept

Dress Code – Although it is very hot in Dubai, when going around the city it is best to dress in a more conservative way to show respect for local customs. Packing light long sleeve tops and trousers is an easy choice.

Language – Arabic is the Official UAE Language, however English is spoken everywhere by almost everyone.

Cash or Card – More or less all places here accept card, but having cash is important for Taxis, Tipping etc


This is one of the easiest ways to get around, they are a good price with a 20-30min journey costing around 80-100AED ($20-$30) which is not bad considering that you are in one of the most expensive cities in the world. 


These driverless trains are one of the best ways to get around, they include 1st Class and Women & Children Only Carriages. There is around 49 stations spanning all the popular tourist destinations around the city. The pricing is also very good with single fares starting at only 3AED ($0.80) 


Another quick and easy way to get around Dubai, although currently there is only 11 stations in the JBR, Marina & Palm Jumeriah areas, if you need to get around these places this is another great option.


Feeling Fit??? Maybe in the very hot time of year you may not want to try this option, but from Nov-Feb when the weather is a lot cooler you could rent a BYKY Rental Bike from one of their 85 Bike Rental locations.


The Dubai Ferry is another option, this is more of a tourist trip then a direct transport link, but what a great viewpoint to see the city from. Currently there is only 5 stops but again this is relatively inexpensive with trips starting at only 50AED ($13) 



Fancy getting around in REAL Luxury?? Why not try renting a Bentley or Bugatti from Paddock Rent a Car or Apex Luxury Car Hire where prices can be 5400AED ($1500) and MORE


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