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Heritage Desert Safari in Dubai

October 1, 2018

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When you think of Dubai you often think of the desert, and when visiting there are so many tours and trips to experience this unique environment.

We chose to do a Heritage Desert Safari with Platinum Heritage, this includes driving around the desert in a 1950s Vintage Land Rover, spotting the wildlife, watching a falcon soar around you at sunset, then to a Bedouin Camp for Dinner under the stars. This was a very special trip and something we have never experienced before.


In the mid afternoon, around 3:30pm, we were collected from our hotel and driven out to the desert, as it was the middle of the day it took around 1.5hours to get there, but as the van is so comfy and cool it went fast and it was fun to watch and learn a little about the surroundings and history of Dubai from our friendly driver.

We arrived at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and were greeted with a welcome pack including putting on a traditional Bedouin Scarf, we then had an opportunity to try and look the part whilst taking pictures by the 1950s Vintage Land Rovers.

In a mini group of around 6-8 you then go on a Wildlife Drive in the Land Rovers through the desert conservation reserve looking for the animals and plants that can be found there, we saw many gazelles and Arabian Oryx’s. The Series 1 Land Rovers have been used in the UAE since the 50s and it really did feel like stepping back in time, travelling on the back of the car, with the warm wind blowing through your hair and Bedouin scarf around your face. After about 1 hour, and taking several stops to take in the view, you head to the next part of the trip.

As the sun is setting you are treated to Arabic Date and Apple Sparking Juice (which is soooo yummy) and then watch a falcon demonstration, this is so beautifully done. You get to relax on comfy cushions and rugs in the desert whilst watching and learning so much about the symbol of UAE, the Falcon.

After this you are whisked off to the Bedouin Camp for dinner and entertainment, on the way through the dunes we were able to watch the moon rise over the desert.

Upon arrival at the Camp you are welcomed with traditional Arabic Coffee and Dates, then you get to enjoy and watch so many cultural activities such as: a henna tattooist, music, dancing, bread and Arabic Coffee making and you even get to have a short camel ride if you want (which we did, it was super fun). The next few hours you get to enjoy this Bedouin Camp taking in all the experiences it has to offer in luxury with a beautiful local meal, all under the stars in the middle of a desert.

We arrived back to our hotel around 11pm completely satisfied, you can experience the desert in many ways in Dubai, but we can honestly say we cannot think of a more unique and special way then then Heritage Desert Safari by Platinum Heritage, please take a look at their web site if you would like more information about this and the other tours they can arrange, and don’t forget to mention to them you know us at @bigbirdstravels

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