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Hot Air Ballooning over the Desert in Dubai

October 1, 2018

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One of the things we have always wanted to do is take a ride in a hot air balloon but we have never had a chance, until we went to Dubai in the middle of September 2018 and WHAT a place to go on our very first hot air balloon.

We went with Platinum Heritage  who provided a wonderful tour of a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the desert with breakfast but one of the reasons that this company appealed to us so much is a falcon comes on the journey with you and when you are 1000s of feet in the air this beautiful creature is released and sores around you, at times landing on the side of the basket, this made a wonderful experience even more special as they are the only company in the world to do this.


The experience was a half day, but be prepared to start EARLY.

Around 4:30am we were collected from our hotel and driven about 45mins to the desert, seeing the balloons being prepared in the silence of the desert that early in the morning added so much excitement to the ride we had waiting ahead of us.

After a 15 minute pre flight meeting with the pilot who gave details of what we would do, with information about landing and safety, we then watched as the Balloon was filled with hot air and it started to lift slowly off the ground, soon as it was up, with the other guests & our falcon for the morning ‘Tesla’,  we had to quickly get into the basket.

Once we were in the basket, the pilot took off and we spent the next hour enjoying the stunning landscape, spotting camels and other hot air balloons, whilst soaking in the sun rising over the desert… and then the spectacular show where Tesla, the Falcon, swooped in and around us making us feel like we too, had wings.

We then made a very soft landing where we had the chance to have our photos taken with Tesla. After that we were taken in our vehicles to the nearby Private Desert Conservation Reserve where we hopped into a 1950s Vintage Land Rover and were taken for a ride over the dunes to a Bedouin Camp for a Gourmet Breakfast, on the short journey we spotted more wildlife, gazelles and Arabian Oryx’s.

The Bedouin Camp was such a great place, it was so authentic feeling and being welcomed with Arabian Coffee and Dates just added so much to this experience. The camp has incredible comfortable seating areas, toilets and the breakfast was SOOOOO yummy.

You can choose from Cheeses, Salmon, Shakshuka, Eggs Benedict even Caviar…

We spent the rest of the experience relaxing on the cushions, eating the wonderful food whilst sipping on coffee.

We arrived back to our hotel around 11am knowing we had just enjoyed one the best experiences of our life…

If you are EVER in Dubai and want to do this tour we cannot recommend Platinum Heritage enough, not only were they so professional and provide such a good experience, but there staff were also so warm and friendly.

To see the details and pricing visit the Platinum Heritage Website and please mention that you heard about them from us, @BigBirdsTravels 


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