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Khao Sok – 3 Nights Under $350

November 11, 2018

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Khao Sok National Park is the hidden gem of Thailand, we would say it is one of the most beautiful places we have been to, and every time we are asked where should people go in Thailand we tell them, Khao Sok.

In this blog we will show you how to spend 3x Nights in Khao Sok National Park for Under $350 for 2 People.

As usual these prices do not include getting to Khao Sok because we have no idea where you will be travelling from, so cannot add that cost in. Also the prices are based on average costings at high season, prices can vary slightly.
However the $350 will include:

There are 2x main places you should stay in Khao Sok National Park:

The Small town of Khao Sok: The small town of Khao Sok is a quiet, peaceful little place with access into Khao Sok National Park and it is the perfect base for you to start your trip in this area. There are numerous trips you can do from your base in the town, and if you cannot afford to stay on the lake itself, you can easily take day trips out from here.

On the Lake: Staying in a raft house on the lake itself is a MUST, it is the main reason for coming to Khao Sok. There are many raft house options ranging from the luxurious to the very basic.

It can be pricey to stay on the lake, so to keep the budget down we have made this trip to spend 2 nights in the small town & 1 night on the lake.


Located Here:

It is about 2-3 Hours Drive from Phuket, Krabi & Surat Thani & getting to Khao Sok is very easy, from any of these starting points.

Just take a bus, private taxi, mini-bus or rent a car. And Phuket, Krabi and Surat Thani also have airports, so wherever you are in Asia it is easy to fly to a place not to far away from Khao Sok.

An average price to get a bus or mini bus to Khao Sok is around 2-400baht ($6-$12) Per Person, and a Private mini-bus/taxi would be around 2-2500baht ($60-$75)


Most of the hotels in the town will offer packages where they will arrange everything for you including the tours, staying on the lake, transport etc. We did this the first time we went and it made it so easy.
HOWEVER we now prefer to arrange this ourselves so we have more control over what tours we do, what raft houses we stay at etc. Often the hotels will have pre-arrangements with certain companies, and we found the first time they included some things that we did not want.

So hopefully this Blog will help you arrange it yourself to and make the most of your time here.

Khao Sok Town (2 Nights):

There are several clean, simple, cheap and friendly places to stay in the town. 

We have allowed 2x nights in the town for 2x reasons:

  1. It is a lot cheaper stay in the town which helps leave a large part of the budget to stay in a nice raft on the lake itself.
  2. Time – It takes a little while to get here, especially by bus, so this leaves time in between to explore that area before heading to the lake.

Khao Sok Riverfront Resort ($30 per night) – $60 for 2x Nights (Total Remaining $290)

We stayed at this cute hotel and really enjoyed it. Your room is in a detached bungalow by the river, it is simple but very clean and comfortable. The staff here are so friendly and helpful, and the food is yummy. Also as it is in centre of the small town you can easily walk to the local restaurants and bars.


On the Lake (1Night 2Days):

There are MANY different options for staying on the lake in a raft house, however it is not like booking a normal hotel room, you have to instead purchase a package.

You need to get to the Chiew Larn Pier and from there the Raft House Company will pick you up with a Long Tail Boat and the package starts from then. It includes the boat transfer, stay in the raft house, ALL food & ALL excursions, all you need to do is pay for your alchohol.
This makes the whole trip very easy and depending on what package you pick, you will get to see the best of the Lake in Khao Sok National Park.

Phutawan Raft House ($85 Per Person) – $170 x Nights  (Total Remaining $120)

There are MANY Raft House choices to pick from, but we wanted to find the best resort for the best price so have chosen Phutawan Raft House.

We stayed here earlier this year with Nanu’s brother and his wife, and the 4 of us had a great experience with this company.

First of all the food was soooo yummy, the Tours were great (the morning safari was the best), the Capsule Raft House we stayed in was so fun, and swimming in the lake outside our room was a wonderful experience. See our short video of Khao Sok HERE to see what our trip was like with Phutawan Raft House.

At the end of your stay you will be dropped back at the Chiew Larn Pier where you can catch a Bus or arrange for a private taxi to your next destination, why not head to Koh Lanta (See our blog for spending 4x Nights on Koh Lanta for under $400)


$12 (Total Remaining $108)

When you take a bus/mini bus it takes you to HERE, you can then easily catch a taxi or if you stay with our recommendation the Khao Sok Riverfront Resort, they will collect you for free.

Once you are in the little town, transport is not a big problem because it is VERY small. You can easily walk to all the local bars and restaurants, or even rent a bike for cheap to do further exploring.

The only money you need to spend on transport is:

  • Taking a Private Taxi to the Lake for the raft house accommodation, this will cost around 4-500baht ($12) MAX and your hotel can easily arrange this. You will need to take a private taxi because you need to be at the pier on time, and shared transport can take a lot longer.


$60 (Total Remaining $48)

On the lake itself all tours are included in the package, so no need to budget for this.

However from the town there are several tours we would recommend, including: Thai Cooking Course; River Tubing and a River Kayak Tour. Most are around $10-$15 per person. So there is only enough money for 1 tour, and if you are only going to do 1 we would recommend:

Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary  $30 Per Person

There are other places you can go to visit Elephants in Khao Sok, but it is VERY important to ensure it is ethical, so NO riding, NO making them do tricks, NO Painting them etc.

We had an experience with this company and they care for only 2 elephants that they have rescued, you get to walk with them, feed them and bathe them. We would highly recommend them.

If you choose to go with any other company PLEASE check the reviews, and information before booking and do NOT support those that do not treat their animals in the right way as this is a big problem in Thailand.

Food & Drink:

$48 (Total Remaining $0)

The rest of the $48 budget can be used for food and drink. Like we said before, on the lake all food is included but you need some money for alcohol. But when you are in the town you will need to buy your own lunch, dinner & drinks.

Khao Sok town is considerably cheaper than most places in Thailand so the $48 remaining is plenty for your time here. 

A rough price guideline is:

  • Food – 80-200Baht ($2.5-$6) Per Meal
  • Beer, Cocktails & Soft Drinks 15-120baht ($0.5-$3.5) Per Drink
  • There is also a couple of local shops where you can get cheaper drinks and snacks to help save some money.

We hope this Blog helps with any plans you have for visiting this stunning place in Thailand. Just remember prices can change slightly due to inflation or low/peak season, but generally it should be easy to do this trip for the prices listed.

If you have any Qs please let us know, and our suggestions are not sponsored, the opinions are based on our personal experience. There are also many other options for places to stay and tours to do.

Price is based on 2 people and does not include the price to get to the destination.
The prices can vary slightly depending on exchange rate, and also the time of year you go (peak season often makes the hotel prices jump up) but these prices are based on an average cost at a busy time of year.


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