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Koh Lanta – 4 Nights Under $400

November 8, 2018

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Koh Lanta is a large Island about 1 hour away from Krabi Airport, it has become very popular over the years, especially with families, and it is easy to see why.

Although it is not as beautiful as other Islands in Thailand, there is just something about it. We have actually stayed on this Island 8-10 times over the last couple of years because we find it such a relaxing place to be.

But how much does it cost to spend 4 nights on this island? In this blog we will breakdown the costs into 4 areas:

Food & Drink

There are ways to spend more or less depending on what standard hotel you want, how much you eat and drink etc but here is a rough guideline to help get you started:



$184 for 4x Nights (Total Remaining $216)

About half the budget will need to be put aside for accommodation. Now there is lots of cheaper options where you can stay on the East Side or away from the beach on one of the high streets, but to enjoy the best part of Koh Lanta we would recommend spending the extra and staying in one of the hotels on the beach or VERY close by.

There are many options on Long Beach, but in Peak Season they can be around $75-$150 per night for a GOOD hotel, if we are going to keep this trip under $400 then this is out of our price range.
SO a hotel that is only about 200 metres back from the beach that we have stayed at many times and with-in budget is:

Papillon Bungalows:*Not Sponsored

The price for this place ranges from $25-$60 per night, they also have some rooms for families were you get a double bed and bunk beds in 1 room for a good price.
But as we are basing this trip for 2 people lets choose a double room and via Agoda, in peak season, per night this works out to be $46 Per Room Per Night.

4x Nights = $184 ($216 of the Budget Remaining)

A little information about this hotel:

Papillon Bungalows is set off the main road that goes through the island, about a 200meter walk from the Beach.
The Bungalows are detached and although simple have everything you need.
The Pool is small but perfect for relaxing in, especially when returning after spending a day at the beach.
The Food and Service are the highlight of this hotel, the breakfast and everything on the menu is yummy + the staff are so welcoming.
Do not expect a luxury resort which can be around 2-5x the amount, but this is a perfect small family run hotel for a stay on Lanta



$26 (Total Remaining $190)

Mostly we spend our time at the beach during the day, and there are some great restaurants along the Long Beach that you can walk to. However, getting to the high street or a restaurant a bit further away you can easily take a Tuk-Tuk, these are easy to get and you will need to negotiate the price. Often most journeys in around the Long Beach area are around 50-200Baht ($1.5-$6)

If you like the idea of exploring the Island a bit more (especially the Old Town) the cheapest option is to rent a Motorbike for the day. This will cost around $6-$8 Per Day.

So allow around $26 for Tuk-Tuks and renting a Moped for 2x Days.



$60 (Total Remaining $130)

There are a few beautiful Islands that can be accessed on a day tour from Lanta.
The Four Island Tour – is very popular where you visit and snorkel around the Trang Islands, near where we used to live in Thailand. Because we used to live near these islands, they have a soft spot in our hearts and are less visited then most, these are a great place to go for a snorkel day trip.

Koh Rok Day Trip – This is one of the most beautiful Islands in Thailand and is only open for 6 months a year which help keep the coral looking beautiful. It takes a lot longer to get to but is worth the extra effort.

There are many tour companies you can negotiate with on Lanta for these tours, prices are around $25-$60 Per Person depending on the tour, boat you go on and amount of passengers etc.

We have allowed $30 each so negotiate hard to get the best tour possible.


Food & Drink:

$130 (Total Remaining $0)

Ok… So this is the hardest thing to budget for because what we eat, how much we eat, what we drink etc varies so much.
Money can be easily saved or lost in this area, but we have allowed the remaining $130 of the budget on this.
On Average Food will cost:

– Western Food 250baht ($7.5) Per Meal
– Thai Food 150baht ($4.5) Per Meal
– Beer and Smoothies are about 50-80baht ($1.5-$2.5) each
– Cocktails 150baht ($4.5) each

Ways to save some money on Food and Drink:
– Sunset on Long Beach is AMAZING, the highlight of the day, so often around this time most bars have a happy hour, 50% off etc so plan to have your alcoholic drinks around this time.
– In the day try to choose water over other drinks, smoothies/soft drinks can quickly increase the overall cost quickly. Just order Drinking Water, this is the cheapest water you can buy in Thailand and is safe to drink (bottle start around 5baht)
– Thai Food is always cheaper then western food, often some of the small street food places are great prices and very safe.
– 7 Eleven’s are everywhere, it is a cheap place to stock up on snacks and drinks, especially water, so make sure you make a visit on the way to the hotel and load up to save your self money.
– Have a LATE Breakfast, we often try to have breakfast (included with your hotel) around 9:30-10am. This means we can last on just a few snacks or fruit during the day, so you only need to buy dinner, saving a lot of money. We prefer to do this so we can spend a little more enjoying a bigger dinner.

You can get to and from Lanta MANY different ways, via Ferry, Speedboat, Passenger Ferry, Taxi/Rental Car/Mini-Bus (Using Car Ferry). The prices range from 100baht to 1000baht each person depending on what mode of transport you choose.
Sometimes your hotel also can provide private transfer which can make things very simple especially if you are coming from a near-by airport like Krabi Airport.

We have not included this in the Total Costing as this varies too much.

We plan to do other blogs about Koh Lanta, sharing various things to do, places to eat and visit, and also what you could do with a bigger or smaller budget.

Please let us know what budget you would like us to stay with-in and what destinations and we will aim to do this in future blogs.

Price is based on 2 people and does not include the price to get to the destination.
The prices can vary slightly depending on exchange rate, and also the time of year you go (peak season often makes the hotel prices jump up) but these prices are based on an average cost at a busy time of year.


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