Josh & Nanu

Hi, we’re from the Instagram account @bigbirdstravels. Originally from England, we sold everything in 2016 and now live in Thailand which we use as a base for seeing the world.

Thailand is such a great place to live, the people, the food & the location really are amazing, and Thailand is a great base for us to travel from. Being in South East Asia enables us to easily go to many beautiful places in this part of the world, but as we head back to England twice per year this helps us to see many other parts of the world.

As we have been travelling to new countries and places for many years we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of places to go, things to see & how to get the most out of your travels. This is what gave us inspiration to start our Instagram Account, @bigbirdstravels. We use this to share photos, suggestions & advice about the various places we visit. We also write blogs on our web site discussing anything travel, tech, photography & lifestyle related

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

- Benjamin Disraeli