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GOPRO Hero 7 – Worth Buying???

October 29, 2018

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GoPro… the name that is synonymous with the best action camera that money can buy, HOWEVER for most of us we are not jumping out of helicopters, doing a back flip over a valley or snowboarding down a mountain at 100mph, well not every day anyway.

So for us everyday folk is it worth having a GoPro???

We generally use our GoPro to try and capture our travels and also for vlogging so here is a breakdown of what are the Pros and Cons based on using it from that perspective…

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Hyper Smooth

Let us start with Hyper Smooth, with the New GoPro Hero 7 comes the amazing HyperSmooth, an advanced video stabilisation. And all we can say is WOW, there are many YouTube videos showing side by side views of this feature compared to the last GoPro Hero 6 and what a difference.

GoPro are calling this a Gimbal Killer, and from what we have experienced so far we can see why, it enables you to walk, run and do most things without the horrible constant shaking that makes you feel unsteady when watching it back. I am not sure how they have managed to achieve this but it really does work.

Field of View

The GoPro has 3 fields of view: Linear; Wide; Superview. 

Traditionally when you see GoPro footage there is a fisheye look to the footage/photos, this is because for many years it could only shoot in a Wide view which is great for many things, but often when filming close up or in a vlog in can cause a warping effect around the edging which does not always make people look good near the edge of the frame. But since Linear was introduced this has made things a lot better, and we now LOVE using it in this mode. Watch our YouTube Video Review about the GoPro, we show some comparisons on what these 3x field of views look like.


The GoPro has always been known for awesome shots in any situation, but especially the ability to use it in water to capture a Scuba Dive, Snorkelling and WaterSpots, and even if we are only using this for little videos of our travels this feature is extremely handy, it enables you to put in places and positions you would never normally choose to do with a nice expensive DSLR, and can really add a cool perspective when filming to help capture the moment.

The older GoPros required a housing, that always use to annoy me because every time we went to go swimming with our early version I was always paranoid the housing would fail, so you would end up testing it in a bath first. But since the Hero 5 the camera is waterproof with no need for housing up to 10metres which is perfect for most people.

Light and Small

One of the best things about GoPro is how small and light it is to use, this is one of the reasons why we LOVE using it. It takes up no room and can easily go in your pocket, the result of this??? You are more likely to take it and use it far more then a bigger camera which enables you to capture more.

Also it is far less conspicuous, so if you are vlogging it is so easy to film yourself and not stand out like a sore thumb.

Time Warp

GoPros name for hyperlapse, a Hyperlapse is basically a moving timelapse. Now often to do great HyperLapse you need to have a Gimbal, like the Osmo Mobile 2 by DJi, but these are a bit annoying to set up and also most of us do not want to carry another thing around with us.

So now with this amazing stabilisation built in to the new GoPro Hero 7 you can capture Hyperlapse’s, TimeWarps. Just go on YouTube and search for some examples, it is something we love and really can add to any travel video or vlog.


So far we have talked about all the positives of this great camera, however It is not all good, one of the things that is annoying is the mic. It has been GREATLY improved compared to the previous models, but due to the waterproof membrane that is needed to protect it the sound is slightly muffled.

For most things this is not a problem, but what about for Vlogs, well usually vloggers will attach an external mic like a Rode VideoMicro (this is what we use on our DSLR) but to do that on a GoPro you need to buy the GoPro Mic Adapter which is not only massive but is also very expensive, this is just annoying.

Filming in Low Light

This has always been the achilles heel of GoPros, soon as the sun sets or you are in a low light situation the quality drops off significantly and there is a lot of noise on the footage. It is a shame because in most cases the footage is so noisy I can’t use it, but for $400 you cannot have everything and we just make sure we use it in the day time only and switch to our DSLR with a Wide Aperture Lens in low light.

Overall this GoPro Hero 7 Black truly is the BEST yet, the improvements from the last one mainly revolve around the HyperSmooth and TimeWarp but this really does make all the difference.

For vlogs and any kind of travel/home videos this is a great camera, we will be using it for a lot of our videos going forward and just can’t wait to see what else GoPro can do with these small, durable action cameras.

Let us know what you think and if you own one in the comments below


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  • November 7, 2018 by MelvaHarrison


    But if your life is making video, then the GoPro Hero 7 is a camera worth your consideration. It may not be as revolutionary as the original GoPro, but it s the first time GoPro made a camera worth lusting after.

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