We are Josh and Nanu and run @BigBirdsTravels, first of all, thank you for checking out our website & blog.

We moved to Thailand from England about 2 years ago which enable us to travel more freely.
We use our experience to promote destinations, give recommendations, provide details of how to plan your trip with a breakdown of the costs & we also provide reviews of hotels, places around the world and products used on our travels.
Primarily we share this on our Popular Instagram Account @bigbirdstravels, Blogging on our Website & a Vlogs on IGTV & YouTube.

We have over 85,000 Followers on Social Media with a very high level of engagement, and many readers & viewers of our regular Blog & Vlogs.

All our followers are interested in travel and seeing where to visit, what to do and where to stay in those places. By working with us you are enabling your company to be exposed to a large TARGETED audience.


breaker travel big birds travels

We collaborate with Brands, Airlines, Hotels, Experiences, Apps, Websites, helping to promote what they offer to our via our Blog, Vlog & the thousands of engaged followers on our Instagram Account @bigbirdstravels

This can be done on a Regular Basis, a One-Off or by becoming Brand Ambassadors for your Company, and we do this in the following ways:


In a Instagram Post we will display what you have to offer in a natural way.
For example, we may be on the beach, waiting at an airport, having a coffee and your product/brand/company/app/hotel etc will be visible in a subtle way. We will ensure your company is tagged in the image, and explain what you have to offer and why we love what you do.
We leave these posts active on our feed for various durations depending on your requirements or budget


We find that most of our followers enjoy watching videos of our travels, so we started to make VLOGS that we release on both IGTV and YouTube.

These VLOGS are about our travels and we use them to showcase the places we visit, hotels we stay at, products we like to use basically anything related to our Travel and Photography.

Many of our followers have enjoyed watching these videos, and they can be one of the best ways to show our followers what your hotel, product or experience is like.


Instagram Stories are short videos, boomerangs or photos that stay live on an Account for 24hours.
These can be used to showcase a specific thing. For Example, we can share an unboxing of a new product, or a Step by Step explanation of how a product, app or website work.
We can also add high quality edited images/videos, which then include wording over the top, describing a place, a hotel, a product or an experience that we have done (see some examples in our Highlighted Stories via Instagram Profile).
We can include Swipe Up Web Links to a website of your choice, hashtags and tag your Instagram account. Stories will stay live on our Highlights for 1 month and can also be added to our web site blogs permanently – This is one of the more Popular options as it helps showcase many aspects of your brand/company and also comes with web links.


1-2 times a week we release new blogs which cover a variety of subjects, all based around travel & photography.

We cover blog about various subjects including hotel reviews, product reviews, product comparisons, destination reviews & how to travel to a certain place for a certain amount of money. There is no limit to what we blog about, as long as it is related to travel and photography and we see a great response from our followers.

We can write a blog including high quality images to showcase your brand/company.

Please visit our blog to see some examples.


breaker travel big birds travels


breaker travel big birds travels

If you want to see examples of our previous videos, posts & stories we have done in behalf of brands, hotels, experiences and tourism boards


breaker travel big birds travels

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